A hygienic environment plays a vital role in the productivity of your organization. To get the cleaning services you want, you must conduct some research on the subject.

While office employees cleans the commonly visited spots thoroughly, dirt and pathogens remain deep in carpets and unused storerooms. Workplaces dusty carpets and stained windows are not client-friendly. No one likes to work with or for a firm that looks like it has been unkempt for an extended period.

A clean and germ-free environment is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with both your clients and workers. Below are some of the benefits of commercial cleaning services that will work wonders for your business.

Why should you invest in the commercial cleaning services from WideCity? Let’s find out!






What cleaning has to do with the productivity of the office? Mostly this connection is dismissed without second thoughts, but it is quite the opposite. Harmful microorganism nurture in neglected areas. Places like ignored storerooms, the waiting room carpet or any such place which are not profoundly cleansed are the birthplace of germs. This dirt and germs ultimately lead to health hazards for employees. Uncleansed workplaces and poor air conditions affect the health of employees, which leads to low productivity scores.

Good As New commercial cleaning services are aware of the adverse effects caused by unhygienic work environments. We employ thorough cleaning procedures which deeply cleans everything in your workplace, from air to the last corner of the building. A regular professional cleaning gives your employees fresh and pure air, resulting in a brilliant and productive team.




Like any other country’s government, U.K Government also cares about the health of its citizens. A fundamental cleanliness governmental rule has been issued for all types of businesses. By avoiding the ‘self-done is the best done’ approach, you save your employees’ health and ensure the abidance of rules. It is wise to invest in a professional cleaning service and be on the safe side when a government health team pays you an unexpected visit.




There are all sorts of cleaning products available on the market. Some are eco-friendly, and others are not. Using a non-eco-friendly product is like cleaning your place and throwing the rubbish on the street. Our experts at WideCity avoid the use of cleaning products that are not environmentally friendly. The products we use are eco-friendly, cost-effective and deliver lasting results. Investing in an excellent commercial cleaning service not only ensures the welfare of your office but also of the surrounding communities.

An ideal cleaning company sources the best practical tools for cleaning jobs, and we at WideCity have the most trusted products and types of equipment.




Our professional cleaning services have skilled members who were selected on strict criteria. The team members are experienced and trained to an extraordinary level, so every cleaning task is handled by an expert. All of our staff members are security vetted, and background checked before finalizing the appointments.




A new workplace with shining desks, brilliantly clean blinds and shining windows are naturally appealing than an office with dusty desks and stained carpets. Commercial cleaning services help you maintain good workplace morale. Our cleaning services will give you supreme quality without you being worried. When trusted partners handle your sanitary and cleaning issues, you will be able to focus on your core business goals. Adapting a streamlined approach and its optimal completion becomes more coherent when you work in a clean and pure environment.




Money-saving is another one of the benefits of having a cleaning service. Although traditional methods may look more inexpensive, they take a toll on your team’s health if not the money. Cleaning services are cost-effective as they provide flexible plans according to your business needs. We at WideCity offer versatility in our payment plans, so our customers get the best in terms of money and services.

Self-cleaning methods are not very effective; despite solid products, they might not produce the expected results. Hiring a commercial service promises long term cost savings. For instance, your employees may not effectively clean a dirty carpet, leading to buying a new one at a much higher price.




Clear glass windows with clean and tidy chair make a good impression for first-time visitors. Tidiness contributes to professionalism whether you are running a salon or a law firm. The one way to impress your clients right at the door is the shiny door handle. You cannot expect to enjoy a good status and outrank your competitors if your door handle has dirt and gore stuck in its floral knob. And the DIY (Do It Yourself) plan cannot help you attain the professional look to outmatch your business rivals. The professional look and clean offices eventually donate to a reputed organization.




After reading the heading, you might be wondering how hiring a professional cleaning service help you secure a contract. Investing in contractual cleaning provides you with security against the damage done on your work premises. If the team by any chance damages any of your equipment or any other inconveniences show up on the scene, the cleaning service will provide for it.  According to both the professional and moral perspective, you will be free of worrying about the liabilities as the completion of the job is a must. Our teams at Good As New respects our client’s demands and strive to provide them with exemplary results.

After all these words we have concluded that the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service are worthy of an investment.